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Eyeglass Frames

Unlike in the past, there are hundreds of different eyeglass frames to choose from, some of which are made of different materials like plastic, metal, or a hybrid combination. Consumers can walk into an eye wear retail store and be overwhelmed by the number of eyeglasses to choose from, as these products almost cover every available wall in many outlets. Here is a little guide to help consumers make the best selection for their eyeglasses, when trying to meet their lifestyle.

Prices of Eyeglass Frames

The costs of eyeglasses can be accounted for by two parts, the lenses and the frames. For consumers looking for affordable frames, there’s usually a wide selections of frames which can lack in some styles, compared to more expensive frames, but again are very affordable. It is possible in some stores to get these basic frames for under $30 dollars, and consumers can save even more if there is a two for one special. For consumers looking to spend a little more for durability or aesthetic appearance, there are eyeglass frames made of metals like titanium or high grade plastics, which are very durable and offer more stylish options. There are also more expensive brand name frames that can run over $400 dollars. Brand name frames from companies like Nike, AX, Bebe, Guess, Burberry, and others will be on the higher end. Consumers should ask an optician about what types of frames are available in stores, through a catalog or online purchases, as all eyeglass frame options may not be on display.

Fashionable Frames

For consumers looking for more fashionable or eye-catching frames, there are plenty of options for kids, teens, and adults. Kids’ eyeglass frames include colorful designs and some can have cartoon or movie characters associations as well. For teens and adults there are frames, especially those found in the designer sections that provide a sleek, professional look, instead of that nerdy look that some frames create. A great example is a titanium frame that can be layered with some color, a polished finish, and rounded corner; pillowcase lenses can really create a sharp look. There are a vast selection of frames to meet all face shapes and preferences, and opticians are trained to help consumers find the right frames for comfort and confidence. Consumers should not rush into their selection and should consult as many people as it takes.

Material of Eyeglass Frames

Eyeglass frames have become more durable, and are offered in more colors than ever. Plus they have more visual appeal, thanks to technology improvements in material for making the frames. Frames have become more durable with creations like Flexon, which is the eyeglass frame that can bend and still return to its original shape. Plastic frames are made more durable and lightweight, and metallic frames offer more sleek options. Consumers should look for frames matching their lifestyles. For example, kids who are more prone to breaking their eyeglasses can wear titanium or strong plastic lenses for more durability, or go with a cheaper option that will not cost much to replace. Consumers looking more for sleek, professional designs should go with metallic or hybrid frames like Flexon.

Ask Your Optician

Consumers who are at a lost should always consult the opticians in the retail store. They are educated to handle questions on eyeglass frames, including any comfort, aesthetic, or other issues. An optician can provide the cost, durability, and stylishness of several eyeglass frames for a consumer to compare before deciding to purchase.

Eyeglass Frames Comfort Tip

Make sure the frames fit snuggly on the face but not too tight. A comfortable pair will sit on the nose without dropping and will not be too tight around the ears. Eyeglasses that are too tight around the ears will become uncomfortable, and those that fall from the nose guards are a hassle.


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