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33 West 42nd Street
New York, New York 10036-8003
Phone: 800-291-3937 or 212-938-5500
Email: admissions@sunyopt.edu

The State University of New York, SUNY, College of Optometry located in the mid-town Manhattan area was founded in 1970, and began enrolling students into its Doctor of Optometry program a year later. The school offers not only the Doctor of Optometry degree but also a Master of Science in Vision Science and a Ph.D., which can be combined with the O.D. as well. The optometry school also has residency and fellowship programs in many areas, and features two excellent facilities in the University Optometric Center and the Schnurmacher Institute for Vision Research.

The SUNY College of Optometry has a class size of around 72 students and has been quite competitive. There were 708 applications for the 2011-2012 entering class, with 149 accepted and 79 students enrolled. The 2011-2012 entering class had a mean overall GPA of 3.56 and an OAT Total Science score of 350, which is one of the highest compared to other optometry schools for that year. The school also does rolling admissions so it is important for applicants to apply as soon as they can.


The tuition for SUNY College of Optometry for the 2011-2012 academic year was $18,600 for in-state and $35,710 for out-of-state residents. The college has a program where out-of-state students can become eligible for in-state tuition after the first year, which would make the average tuition per year $22,878. The total for tuition for the 4 year O.D. program for in-state students is about $74,400, and for out-of-state students, after it converts to the in-state rate comes to about $91,510. Please check the school for updated and accurate tuition and fees.

Education Requirements

The SUNY College of Optometry does not require applicants to have a Bachelors degree, but requires at least 90 semester hours from an accredited institution that meets the pre-optometry course sequence of the college. These courses include English, General Psychology, Calculus, Biology with lab, Chemistry with lab, Organic Chemistry with lab, and a few others and have at least a ā€˜Cā€™ grade in each course.

Admissions Checklist

  • School of Optometry Application- OptomCAS
  • Essay/Personal Statement
  • Official academic transcripts
  • OAT Scores
  • Official SAT or ACT scores
  • Letters of recommendation ā€“ from Pre-professional Committee or if there is none 4 letters of recommendation of choice with two coming from professors in science

2011 Entering Class Profile

  • Total Applications: 708
  • # of Residents Applied: 121
  • # of Non-residents Applied:587
  • Number of Applicants Accepted: 149
  • # of Residents Accepted: 46
  • # of Non-residents Accepted:103
  • Number of Students Enrolled: 79
  • # of Enrolled with Bachelors degree: 73
  • # of Males Enrolled: 17
  • # of Females Enrolled: 62
  • # of States Represented: 14
  • Overall Average GPA: 3.56
  • Average OAT AA Score: 350
  • Average OAT Total Science Score: 339
  • Residents 1st Year Tuition and Fees: $18996
  • Non-residents 1st Year Tuition and Fees: $36106
  • Offers Advanced Standing: Yes

SUNY College of Optometry Residency

icon SUNY State College of Optometry Residency in Cornea and Contact Lenses - New York, NY

icon SUNY State College of Optometry Residency in Low Vision Rehabilitation - New York, NY

icon SUNY State College of Optometry Residency in Ocular Disease - New York, NY

icon SUNY State College of Optometry Residency in Pediatric Optometry - New York, NY

icon SUNY State College of Optometry Residency in Primary Care - New York, NY

icon SUNY State College of Optometry Residency in Vision Rehabilitation (Acquired Brain Injury) / Primary Care - New York, NY

icon Dr. Irwin B. Suchoff Residency Program in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation - New York, NY

Affiliated Optometric Residency

icon SUNY State College of Optometry Residency in Family Practice / Ocular Disease - Brooklyn, NY

icon US Military Academy at West Point Residency in Family Practice Limited to ODs with commitment to US Army - West Point, NY

icon New Jersey Health Care System VA Residency in Primary Care - East Orange, NJ

icon Northport VA Residency in Primary Eye Care / Vision Therapy And Low Vision Rehabilitation - Northport, NY

icon Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center Residency in Primary Eye Care/Ocular Disease - Bronx, NY

icon VA Hudson Valley Health Care System Residency in Ocular Disease / Primary Eye Care - Montrose, NY

icon NY Harbor VA Residency in Ocular Disease / Primary Eye Care - Brooklyn, NY


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