Optician Continuing Education

Although it is not required for all opticians to progress their growth through further training and education, continuing education courses never hurt even for non-certified or non-licensed opticians. Many people in the health-care field increase their knowledge and skills through taking additional training courses offered through many outlets. For opticians with ABO or NCLE certifications or those with state licenses, continuing education is a requirement for renewal and certified and licensed opticians must obtain a certain amount of continuing education credits (CECs). 

For continuing education credits for the ABO or NCLE certifications, the organization approves courses offered through many sources and outlets. Sponsors apply for approval of courses and obtain continuing education certificates. Many approved ABO-NCLE continuing education courses also count towards some state license continuing education requirements too. The problem with state license renewals is that many approve their own continuing education courses and do not accept as broad a range as ABO-NCLE certification continuing education credits do.

Sources for Continuing Education Credits

For opticians looking for sources for continuing education requirements or for those just looking for extra training, there are plenty of outlets from home study to online to conferences. Many optical societies including national and state ones like the National Academy of Opticianry and Opticians Association of Arkansas, offer courses and seminars that count toward credit. Some organizations and associations like the Optical Training Institute and the Contact Lens Society of America offer online studies for continuing education credit. Other sources include seminars and conferences that have courses, tracks, and special speakers. The International Vision Expo and Conference is an example that offers courses that are accepted for the ABO, NCLE, and many state licensing boards as well. The Southeastern Opticians Conference is another one that offers a selection of courses for those who can attend in the Georgia region.

List of Sources:

  • State Licensing Boards
  • State Optician Societies or Groups
  • Trade Shows, Expos, Conventions
  • Check out the list of Optician organizations page for a more complete list.
  • Check out the Optician Continuing Education Board for a list.

Example Continuing Education Courses:

Understanding Aspherics – Offered by Contact Lens Society of America

Anti-Reflection Coating – Offered by the Optical Training Institute

Computer Vision Syndrome: Diagnosis and Treatment – Offered by The California Association of Dispensing Opticians

Contact Lens Solutions for Dry Eyes – Offered by the Southeastern Optician Conference

Optician Online Continuing Education

Optical Training Institute
4000 Barranca Parkway Suite 250
Irvine, California 92604
Phone:  949-551-5455
Fax:  949-857-5455
Email: questions@opticaltraining.com
Website: http://www.opticaltraining.com

Quantum Optical, Inc.
179 Cahill Cross Rd. Suite 206
West Milford, NJ  07480
Phone: 973-728-4372
Fax: 973-506-4811
Email:  info@quantumoptical.com
Website: http://www.quantumoptical.com/

20/20 Mag
Phone: 800-825-4696
Email: cecustomerservice@jobson.com
Website: http://www.2020mag.com

Website: http://www.opticampus.com

Contact Lens Society of America
441 Carlisle Drive
Herndon, VA 20170
Phone: 800.296.9776
Fax: 703.437.0727
Email:  clsa@clsa.info
Website: Contact Lens Society of America

Professional Opticians of Florida
Website: http://www.pofce.org


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